Your Health Our Priority!

We aim to provide treatments with unmatched personal care

Connect with top Indian hospitals for best in class treatments and elective surgeries

Get line of treatment options for your health problems!

Your Health Our Priority!

Connect with India's renowned medical experts and experienced specialists for second opinions and treatment options

Get second opnion for your health problems!

Your Health Our Priority!

Connect with our genuine, trusted and verified service providers for all concierge services

Get concierge services!

Connect with top Indian hospitals for treatments and elective surgeries

We have an exclusive pool of India’s leading hospitals to facilitate best-in-class services and treatment to the patients, supported by latest medical technology and infrastructure

Connect with the best medical experts and experienced specialists

We have a pool of India’s renowned doctors/surgeons to diagnosis health problems and provide accurate medical consultations/ second opinions and treatments services

Connect with the best service providers for patient concierge services

We have a pool of genuine and verified service providers for providng travel support, hotel/guest house stay, interpreter/ language support and other allied concierge services

We make your treatment effortless by providing


Assistance in choosing the right doctor

Second Opinion

Compare cost, and exclusive packages with best in class treatments

Treatment booking/cost estimation

Hospitalization Assistance

On-field assistance from hospital companion




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Network doctors


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Unikutumb Promises Best In-Class Healthcare Services


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Who We Are

Unikutumb is a leading platform for medical assistance and treatment services. Unikutumb offers "ONE HEALTH" - a mobile application which provides online medical consultations/ second opinions and treatment services. We aim to provide the best-customized healthcare solutions from India’s recognised and accredited healthcare service providers to the patients all over the world. We follow our ethical and compassionate care towards our patients and partners.

We will ensure that the patient receives:

  • Airport pickup
  • Hotel/guest house stay
  • Interpreter support
  • Recovery and follow up assistance
  • Pre and post hospitalization instructions
  • Estimated cost of treatment
  • Documentation support for insurance

We Care For You

We offer services keeping in mind the challenges faced by International patients and their attendants during the pre and post-operative stay. After a brief diagnosis of the ailment, we provide complete assistance originating from your home city to the destination hospital, visitation, accommodation, meals, documentation etc.

Our Panel of Renowned Indian Hospitals


We have an exclusive pool of India’s leading hospitals to facilitate best-in-class services and treatment to the patients

Our Panel of Esteemed Medical Professionals


We have empanelled a community of world-class doctors, surgeons and medical practitioners who possess decades of experience in their area of expertise

Specialties Coverage


Our partnered hospitals are India's leading hospitals, excelling in medical and technological advancements to provide high end treatment services to patients world-wide. The hospitals are recognized as Centre of Excellence for various medical specialities


Brain & Spine Surgery, Skull Base Surgery, Surgery for Parkinson’s disease, Neuro-Endoscopic Surgery for Pituitary Tumours and CSF Leaks, Complex Spinal Surgeries & Minimal Access Spine Surgery etc


CABG (Coronary Artery Bypass Graft), Beating Heart Surgery, Minimally Invasive Coronary Artery Surgery, Thoracic Surgery, Heart Transplants, Heart Valve Surgery, Atrial/Ventricular Septal Defect repair etc


Paediatric nephrology, Kidney transplant, Lupus nephritis, Dialysis (hemodialysis and peritoneal), Laparoscopic surgery for upper urinary tract disorders, Pyeloplasty, Cyst decortications etc

Reconstructive Surgery

Breast reduction, Breast lift, Eyelid surgery for obstructed field of vision, Correction of abnormal male breast enlargement, Correction of ear deformities, Correction of nasal deformities and associated airway obstruction etc


Breast cancer surgery, Colorectal cancer surgery, Pancreatic surgery, Cranial base surgery, Esophageal cancer surgery, Esophageal reconstruction surgery, Head and neck reconstruction surgery, Laparoscopic gynecological surgery etc


Total knee replacement, Total hip replacement, Partial knee and hip replacement procedures, Total shoulder replacement, Total elbow replacement, Wrist replacement, Hand joint replacement surgery, Ankle joint replacement etc